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THE RYE WRAP UP: Ashley Kate Adams on Her New Book #BYOP- Be Your Own Producer

I hope you could catch the live episode last of "Live with Rye!" with my special guest, Ashley Kate Adams! We had a great chat about her new book BYOP, allowing yourself the permission to create and finding your creative footprint, as well as so much more!

Ashley also talked about the Multi-Hype workshop she helped create with Michael Kushner and Kimberly Faye Greenberg, giving insight into why creatives should take the course and the support system created for those who have taken it.

If you are a creative being who is stuck in what you are doing, you don't think you can do x project you've wanted to because you're afraid you're not good enough, or you want to take control of your creative endeavors in the future--- this is the interview for you!

You can watch the full interview below.

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