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Singer-Songwriter Raycee Jones On Her New Single Final Serenade and Finding Her Voice

Updated: May 20, 2021

Raycee Jones Final Serenade Cover Art

The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Raycee Jones talked with me about her upcoming single Final Serenade which will drop on June 4. Raycee talks about the process of writing the song, what we can expect, the sound and styling of the single, and much more!

Final Serenade was written by Raycee Jones and produced by LA-based Chris Soper and Jesse Singer of Likeminds (Emily King, Allen Stone). Jones has also performed at BAMCafe, Rockwood Music Hall, Soho House, Knitting Factory, and C'Mon Everybody in NYC.

If you would like to keep up with Raycee, you can visit her website by clicking here.


What kind of music will we hear on the new single Final Serenade?

Final Serenade is a true pop track! Definitely one of my most pop-leaning songs yet. It's that high-energy vibe that'll pump you up! It'll be a good summer driving bop, too, for those of us rocking four wheels!

Where did the idea come for Final Serenade?

All of my songs come from personal experiences. Final Serenade was written a few years ago when I was at a point in life where friends were starting to pivot into new careers, and I was struggling with the idea of how people were moving on to something else — a new life. I've always known when the music hits; you can't deny your love for it. My head was spinning with so many thoughts of knowing no matter what one does with a career. If they make art, it will always be there — you will always hold love for it. So the question of "do you still believe in love" is me acknowledging that no matter where life takes you, art will always be the first true love. I know now that choosing a new job doesn't define anyone's artistic life. Those are not mutually exclusive.

What can the audience take away after listening to Final Serenade?

I'd like people to take away the idea that choosing to believe in love/music every day is a brave act that no one can take away. As long as there is a beat and a melody, love is always around. It's important not to forget that every person you meet has a journey, and no one is identical. As long as you believe in your path, it exists.

What is next for you? With things reopening, do you have any plans for upcoming shows?

This past year has definitely put me in a place where I don't want to predict what is next necessarily. My goal is to be happy and successful in life. To remain as balanced as I can. I certainly hope to play shows soon, but I also am being a bit more selective in what that means. We just had a tremendously difficult year, and my spirit is healing a bit from it. I want to play shows that really matter. It feels a bit vague right now, but I'm optimistic we will get back to a place that feels authentic and where artists are able to thrive. '

During the pandemic, did you write any new music that will be released in the coming year?

I wrote a song that I released at the beginning of the pandemic called "Fresh Fruit." It's on all platforms! After that, I was deeply affected by the pandemic and kind of lost my creative flow. I've collaborated with a few friends during the pandemic, and I'm working on the songs I had been planning pre-pandemic. I'm excited for those to come out. It's funny because all of my songs feel appropriate for the post-Covid world, so I think no matter when I wrote them, they'll resonate because music always finds a way to apply to whatever the current situation is.

What have you learned about yourself as a singer during the writing process?

I've learned I'm a very emotional gal! I can't write when I feel emotionally stunted. I've tried to push through, but authenticity is my mojo, and if it's not there, the pen isn't moving. I try to stay as present as possible, so I can allow my creativity to bloom!

What is your advice for others singers?

Surround yourself with people who make you feel like yourself. I think it's easy to get caught up in what others think it means to be a singer. Keep working on your craft, your instrument, and always stay true to yourself. Your gift is with you at all times, and only you can define it, and only you can protect it.


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