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RYE REVIEWS: A Christmas Story at The Walnut Street Theatre

“Ralphie, YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!” the famous line that everyone knows from the classic and heart warming Christmas tale that plays on our televisions for 24 hours Christmas Eve-Christmas Day. Well now the classic story is onstage, and after it made its Broadway bow in the winter of 2013, it has taken on a life of its own in local theatre houses throughout the USA. The Walnut Street Theatre closes out its 2015 season with this heartwarming tale of Ralphie Parker, a tenacious 10-year-old who wants nothing more than his very own “Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun” for Christmas. In this heartwarming story, we see Ralphie overcome the obstacles that every ten-year-old faces (like will he or won't he get it, and opposition from adults) when wanting something so dangerous as a toy gun for Christmas. In the end, despite Ralphie’s fears and worry, he gets what he wanted, his “Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun!” This musical combines new songs with big numbers, heavy dancing, and strong vocals, it's no wonder this show was a success on the Great White Way! The cast is made up with some of the finest talents the Philadelphia region has to offer us! With a little taste of all sorts of talent, we get a stellar cast and some great people! The role of Ralphie which is played by Craig Mulheron JR (Note: He plays during the week, Liam Keenan plays weekends) and boy is this kid adorable! Not only does he look like the Ralphie from the movie, but he has a huge presence which allows him to carry the show and make it happen. I was very impressed, and his singing is great too! The Old Man played by Walnut Street Theatre Veteran Christopher Sutton brings an interesting twist to his role, with lots of laughter, and comedic moments, often making it seem the old man is more funny, then disgruntled. I did note that the humor sometimes did take away from his demeanor of “The Old Man, ” but other than that was terrific! Lyn Philistine plays ‘Mother’, was quite good as well. Though she played the character a little more annoying than I would have liked, she was still very good, and the heartwarming mother figure like the movie.

I do have to point out the one person who stole the show- Miss Shields played by Ellie Mooney who just dazzled in this powerhouse role! She had the audience roaring and the crowd on their feet after her show stopping number “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out.” Though a supporting role, she was a standout, and just dazzled and delighted in the role! I was left in utter amusement from this show, and would recommend all of you to see it as well! This show is suitable for the whole family to go and see! For tickets visit


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