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Why The New Lid Cream Shadows Are A MUST HAVE For You

Lid Cream Shadows from Beautycounter

Yesterday, Beautycounter released its highly anticipated new eye shadow called Lip Glow Cream Shadow in petite-sized glass packaging (Beautycounter plans to be plastic-free by 2025). These new cream shadows, which come in 10 illuminating clean colors, are just the thing you need to up your look and the perfect addition to add to your morning routine. As we start to head back to the office and enjoy evenings out on the town, I think it's important to show off your beautiful eyes!

Here is what's to know about them: they are rigorously screened and tested for heavy metals, they have responsibly sourced ingredients, including mica, and formulated without mineral oil, cyclic silicones, or potentially irrupting preservatives. The Lid Glow Cream Shadow is an instantly illuminating cream shadow that effortlessly delivers glowy, lightweight, buildable color—while caring for the delicate skin around the eyes with safer, soothing ingredients like chamomile and cucumber extracts.

Pick up these beautiful new Lid Glow Cream Shadows by clicking here!

And click here to read about how Beautycounter is leading the industry in getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

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