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TYCE GREEN Rocks The House at 54 Below Concert with Special Guests

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Iconic performer and entrepreneur Tyce Green rocked the house at his solo show "Doing the Most" at Feinstein's/54 Below on Monday, March 7. The evening was full of music and mashups from some of our favorite songs and weaved through Tyce's life and stories that were close to him. He opened the show with a musical theater rock number called "Musical Theatre, Yeah Yeah."

First, I have to say that Tyce's voice is otherworldly! I swear he is the current day Steven Tyler with those vocals; I mean, I would have loved to hear him belt some Aerosmith! But seriously, his vocals are INSANE! It's no wonder he was cast as Anas in the current 50th Anniversary touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar. (Which, btw, he tells a funny story about having to tell people who he plays in the show and how people and the funny story he tells people when they ask what role he plays.

Oh, before I go on, on that note of the 50th Anniversary tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, did you know Adam Pascal was supposed to join the tour as Pilot? Yeap, before COVID, it was set for Adam to join the tour, and, if I recall, Tyce mentioned Adam was getting ready to join the show when COVID hit. While Pascal never joined the tour, he is currently on the road with Pretty Woman, so it worked out in the end.

Anywho! One of the songs he performed was "Pity the Child" from CHESS, one of my favorite numbers of the night. Again, hello modern-day Steven Tyler--his vocals on this song just gave me THE CHILLS. Here is a little peek at that number. Tyce, you really should think about recording a version of that song because I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your version, and want to hear it again!

He also welcomed some incredible guests, including Chris McCarrell (Les Miserables, Lightning Thief), Arielle Murphy, Karine Hannah, and a few others! Chris did a CHESS duet with Tyce, and it was Chris's first time back on stage in a few years since the pandemic hit.

Tyce is relatable, humorous, and very kind to those both onstage and those who came. He had a large band and some great background singers too. He told stories from his exciting career, including auditions stories both hilarious and ones he learned lessons from, all of which gave good lessons for performers.

He talked about his audition process for Jesus Christ Superstar and how he is not a dancer, and it worked in his favor. After casting realized he was right; he wasn't a dancer, they said to him, we still want to see you come back and sing these songs, and we won't have you dance. An excellent lesson for those about showing up!

One of the best moments of the evening was when he did a mashup of our favorite 90's cartoons (#throwback) theme songs mashups with Arielle Murphy. Talk about a trip down memory lane! The mashup included the theme songs from "Fairly Odd Parents," "Duck Tales," "Magic School Bus," "Chip and Dale," "Pepper Anne," "Doug," and "Pokèmon."

It was such a fun night, and the show was so brilliantly well done! He also flew in from the tour just for this show-- talk about dedication!

Btw, on a weird and completely unrelated side note, did you know one of the guys who was involved in the January 6 madness was starring as Judas on tour at the time in 2021? He is no longer with the tour, and Tyce talked about the awkward moment they all found out about it and how the guy has since changed his name.

Keep up with Tyce by following him on social media @tyce and check out my interview with Tyce and Nathaniel Hill of Broadway where Tyce is Partner.

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