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INTERVIEW: Cabaret Star TORI SCOTT On New "Thirsty For More" Tour

Tori Scott Thirsty For More Promo Photo

Renown cabaret and nightlife star Tori Scott talks with ahead of the launch of her Thirsty for More Tour. She talks about the new tour, what we can expect to see, her favorite stops, and what is next. Check this exciting new interview and be sure to visit her site for tickets, dates, shows and more!


Can you tell us what we can expect to see in your “Thirsty for More” Tour? 

It’s a journey of self-reflection mixed with belting, booze, and blackouts. There will be some bad choices made, but also lessons learned. It’s a celebration of the mistakes we make in life!  

You recently performed the Making America Gay Again Show at Joe’s Pub on June 20th. What was so special about that show and what were some songs you performed that evening? Were there any special appearances?!

 I love doing this show. I’ve been doing this annual pride show for about 5 years now! I’m a proud ally to the LGBTQ+ community and I enjoy celebrating them! I owe my career to gay men, honestly. I get hired predominantly to perform for gay beach towns and resorts and gay cruises. I’m incredibly grateful for how they have embraced me and want to give back by celebrating them and blaming them for bad choices I make when drunk!

What are some of your favorite songs to perform that you will perform on this tour and are there any new songs we will be hearing? 

I love pulling out some old school Judy Garland and then in the next beat sing some Rihanna. I think you can expect a wide range of genres. Anything from Edith Piaf to Selena Gomez. Something new in this show is that I’m doing a Brandi Carlisle song. Her voice is unbelievable and her songs are incredible.

How do you keep each evening and performance unique when you are performing the same songs? 

It really depends on the energy from the audience. I did the Edinburgh Festival last summer and performed my show every night for the entire month of August. I learned a lot from the different reactions each audience can have on a given night. I found that the key is to really love what you are singing and to be honest with what you are saying. There’s a lot of joy in that. And if you aren’t getting what you want from the audience, I encourage you to make your music director and band laugh!  

What venue are you most looking forward to performing at and why? 

I’m making my debut at both Birdland in NYC and The O’Neill Center in CT this summer and can’t wait! Two prestigious venues! I feel like I’ve been invited to some really fun party!! 

Who has been your favorite singer to perform with and why? 

I opened for Cheyenne Jackson about 3 years ago for his concert in Provincetown. He asked me to join him on stage for a duet from his album (originally recorded with Jane Krakowski). He is not only a wonderful performer, but a gracious person. I had an absolute blast performing with him. And Ryan Murphy was in the audience!!

How did you get started in the cabaret scene, and what is your favorite part about it? 

I honestly stumbled into it! I started doing short bits at gay bars back in 2008 and eventually made my debut at Joe’s Pub in 2012. I could never have imagined that cabaret would allow me to have such an exciting career with a lot of traveling and seeing so much of the world! 

What is your advice for people who want to get into the cabaret scene?

 Be yourself! Enjoy it because it is very hard to make a living doing it and is a daily hustle. Also, don’t listen to the people who look down on cabaret. 

What is next for you? 

I’m preparing for the fall as we speak.After my summer tour, I’ll be heading back over to the UK this fall for some more shows! And who knows…every day could lead to something new! 

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