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THE RYE WRAP UP: Ryan Bauer-Walsh On The First-Ever Queer Lullaby Album

I hope you were able to watch last night's episode of "Live with Rye!" with my special guest, Ryan Bauer-Walsh. Ryan has appeared in numerous stage shows including Billy Elliott, Most Happy Fella, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. Ryan has originated multiple roles off-Broadway including the internationally acclaimed production of Death For Five Voices with Prospect Theater Company. Ryan’s artwork can be found in private collections, publications including The New York Times and in children’s literature. Ryan’s most recent children’s books include; "Rusty The Rescue" and "Three Men in a Boat."

Listen in to hear just why Ryan created a The Rainbow Lullaby album. This album is a "beautiful story about if we all join together and everyone's welcome, then tomorrow is a place we can get to and it will be better there." Ryan shares personal experiences that have inspired the creation of the lullaby album and the launch of a new clothing line. All this and more can be found in yesterday's episode of "Live with Rye!"

So many great things in this interview, and if you want to see more about Ryan, visit his website by clicking here. Catch the FULL interview below! 👇👇

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