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THE RYE WRAP UP: My "Live with Rye!" Episode With EDM Music Producer and Singer Alex Moye

I had EDM music producer and singer Alex Moye on my show on Tuesday, April 6th, and it was fabulous! Alex had so many great things to say, and he spoke about his career, his new single coming out Friday titled "Blinded," the upcoming release of his album, and advice for others and SO MUCH MORE!

One of the things that struck me about Alex was his perseverance and pursuit of his love of music. By day he is a civil engineer, and during the evening, he is throwing tunes together and putting rad beats together to create his art form. Talk about dedication!!

If you want to keep up with Alex Moye and see what he is doing, you can visit him on his website, and as he mentions in the interview, he is very active on his Instagram account @alexxmoye.Make sure you send Alex some love and keep watching what he is doing. I know we will be hearing from him again!

Watch the full "Live with Rye!" interview with Alex Moye below!

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