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THE RYE WRAP UP: My "Live with Rye!" Episode With Director Rebecca Haley Clark On Hindsight 2020

Last night, I had Rebecca Haley Clark on "Live with Rye!" and what an absolute joy it was to talk with her! Rebecca spoke with me about her new project, Hindsight 2020, a time capsule-style of all the events in 2020 with different takes from artists throughout the country. She talked with me about the inspiration behind the idea, what she hopes people will take away, creating the showtimes for people worldwide to fit the times they would typically see a show, what she learned, and so much more!

Rebecca is not only a lovely person, but she is so passionate about the art form, and you can tell that from her interview. One of the things that struck me was her passion for creating this project with artists from around the country, most of whom she had never met, and her ability to bring them together to create a piece that will serve as a preserved capsule for us to look at back on. She also talks about her time at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland--where she received her Masters of Classical and Contemporary Text-- and what it was like to study in Scotland. Scotland is full of rich theater history, including the birthplace of Shakespeare's theater!

If you want to keep up with Rebecca Haley Clark and see what she is doing, you can visit her website To purchase tickets for Hindsight 2020 (which I highly recommend you do so, if anything, to help support this project and the artists!), you can visit the tickets page here.

Watch the full "Live with Rye!" interview with Rebecca Haley Clark below!

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