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THE RYE WRAP UP: "Live with Rye!"- Michael Kushner on His Career, Upcoming Projects & More

Last night I had New York's leading multi-hyphenate Michael Kushner on my show, and we had a terrific conversation! I spoke with Michael about the many hats he wears as a multi-hyphenate and how important it is for creatives to embrace and understand their multi-hyphenate proficiencies. We also talked about his successful photography business, the two podcasts he hosts, his performing career, and his producing ventures.

Which, on that note, I am thrilled to say that this was the FIRST time and interview that Michael has spoken about the filming of his upcoming project, The Pink Unicorn. For this project, he is the producer and Director of Photography, a new role he is very excited to take on. The Pink Unicorn film will star Alice Ripley (friend to the show, check out her interview here), who starred in the show Off-Broadway production.

Fun fact, Michael is also the mastermind behind the BEAUTIFUL photos you see of me here on my website. If you are looking to get your photos done, you must use Michael Kushner Photography. And tell him I sent you!

Which famous photographer recommended Michael to be featured in the encore monthly theater magazine? Which photo from The Dressing Room Project of a Broadway actress making her debut went viral and was a game-changer? What should you know as a multi-hyphenate?

Find out all these answers and more by watching the full interview below!

To keep up with Michael Kushner you can visit him on the following platforms:

Websites: Michael Kushner Online and Michael Kushner Photography and Multi-Hype Workshop (You can learn more about the upcoming sessions by visiting this website)

Social Media: @themichaelkushner on Instagram and TikTok and his other accounts on instagram at @thedressingroomproject, @dearmultihyphenate

What did you take away from this episode? Leave a comment on this page and let me know!

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