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THE RYE WRAP UP: Jeffrey Simon And Matt Andrews On The New Musical Thriller STEAM!

I hope you were able to catch last night's episode of "Live With Rye!" with my special guests Jeffrey Simon. Matt Andrews, and surprise special guest Coby Getzug. Jeffrey is the writer, director and composer of "STEAM!", Matt is the producer of STEAM and Coby stars as Luke, the leading character.

Jeffrey Simon is an LA-based filmmaker and musician. His original movie musical "STEAM!" won the Best in Show at the Savannah Film Festival and will be premiering in 2022 on alongside his other short film musical, Spark.

In 2017, he was invited to attend the IFP Screen Forward Labs in NYC for a series he’s creating, Camp Abercorn, which screened in competition at SeriesFest and NYTVF. With help from George Takei and GLAAD, the series crowdfunded over $100k on Indiegogo to shoot its pilot episode which he co-wrote and directed. Before writing and directing, he worked as an art director on films of all sizes from indie (Filly Brown) to marvel (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and beyond (Edge of Tomorrow, Venom, Man From U.N.C.L.E.).

A Los Angeles native, Matthew Andrews is a producer and puppet-maker. He holds a degree in film production from UC Santa Cruz. Matthew and Jeffrey Simon have been long-time collaborators. Matthew co-wrote and produced the pilot for the digital series, Camp Abercorn, which was featured at the New York Television Festival, SeriesFest, and was invited to be a part of the IFP Screen Forward Labs.

He also co-wrote and produced Dr. Scotty’s Intergalactic Motel & Café, a young adult series featuring his original puppet creations. He previously worked as an assistant to Rainn Wilson and produced videos and live events for his social media and charity campaigns Currently, he is the co-founder of The Barn, a production company dedicated to indie movie musicals.

"STEAM!" is a musical thriller about gay wanderlust (and lust) in an arena that is typically occupied by straight aggressive men: The Western. It’s a cautionary tale about wanting something that you know is bad for you, and the lengths we go to justify our selfish actions.

Watch this episode to hear just where the idea to write "STEAM!" came from and where the production was produced---one of the most beautiful sights in the country! You will hear what it was like to shoot around a live tourist train station with a cast and crew of of 25 people, filming in super cold weather, having to get townsfolk to take part after the extras canceled, and so much more.

Matt and Jeffrey have been working on this film since 2019 and they are so excited to see who this film connects with. The dream is to make a feature film version! You can listen to all the music in "STEAM!" on any of your music platforms!

Catch the FULL interview below & be sure to HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!! 👇👇

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