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THE RYE WRAP UP: Ben Cameron On Being Your Broadway Buddy, Broadway Fans and MORE!

I hope you were able to watch last night's episode of "Live with Rye!" with my special guest, Ben Cameron. Ben is a sought after writer, teacher, performer and choreographer. Ben travels the world teaching high energy theater and dance masterclasses and has written and directed several solo shows for some of Broadway and Cabaret's top talent.

Listen in to hear about how Ben brings "Broadway right to your door like a good neighbor bringing over brownies". Ben has some personal tips that might be just what you need to help grow your personal brand on and off the stage. Ben also reveals some of his upcoming projects that you will want to tune in for!

So many great things in this interview, and if you want to see more about Ben, visit his website by clicking here. Catch the FULL interview below!

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