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THE RYE WRAP UP: Adrienne Walker on 32 Bar Cut Series, Returning to Broadway, and What She's Learned

I hope you were able to watch last night's episode of "Live with Rye!" with my special guest, Adrienne Walker, actress, vocalist, and creator who is best known for her role as Nala in THE LION KING on Broadway! Adrienne has starred in Roundabout Theatre Company's production of Kiss Me, Kate too!

We talked all about the creation of her new platform, 32 Bar Cut, which is a digital series that talks openly and honestly with actors in the industry, as well as starting her small business during the pandemic, returning to Broadway in THE LION KING, what these 18 months have taught her, her hope for the future of theater, and so much more!

So many great things in this interview, and if you want to see more about Adrienne visit her website by clicking here.

You can watch the full interview below, and make sure to SUBSCRIBE too!

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