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SuperYou The Musical Previews Songs at The Players Club NYC

(The cast and creative team for the presentation of SuperYou The Musical)

Last night the new musical SuperYou which is currently in development previewed some of their songs for a full house at The Players Club. SuperYou the Musical was created and composed by Lourds Lane, a visionary and the Founder of the SuperYou FUNdation who believes that once you realize your true worth, you will be able to make a positive impact on the world.

SuperYou The Musical is the inspiring story of a female comic book artist who learns to love herself when her superheroine creations, who are all aspects of herself, come to life. This new musical gives a new name to female empowerment and has a full force of females creatives behind. Last night's presentation included performances by some of the best female powerhouses on Broadway and in New York.

The cast included Lourds Lane (Rise), Kennedy Caughnell (Katie), Mimi Ryder (Young Katie), LaVon Fisher-Wilson (Ima-Mazing), Molly Tynes (Lola Touché), Nicolette Hart (Seven), Brie Cassil (Blast), Timothy Fraser (Matty) and included Musical Direction by Wendy Bobbitt Cavett.

To see exclusive content and previews of some of the music from last night, head over to @RyeTheNewsGuy on Instagram for all your access!


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