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RYE REVIEWS: The Shark is Broken- The New Hysterical Comedy Eating Up Broadway

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Hold onto your swimsuits, Broadway fans! The Shark is Broken has crashed onto the stage with the force of a tidal wave, and it's a hilarious, fin-tastic delight you won't want to miss!

Ian Shaw, Alex Brightman, and Colin Donnell take the spotlight in this uproarious behind-the-scenes romp that gives you a backstage pass to the making of the iconic movie "Jaws." These three dynamite actors bring a tsunami of talent and charm to the stage, creating a chemistry that sizzles like the sun on a beach day!

Picture this: Ian Shaw, son of the original "Jaws" star Robert Shaw, channels his father's legacy with a performance that's as sharp as a shark's tooth! Alex Brightman, the master of comedic timing, has you rolling in the aisles as the dysfunctional mechanical shark plays hard to get. And Colin Donnell? He's the captain of this comedic ship, navigating the waters of chaos with finesse and flair.

From left to right: Colin Donnell, Ian Shaw, and Alex Brightman

From belly laughs to jaw-dropping moments (pun intended!), The Shark is Broken will keep you hooked from start to finish. And hey, if you're wondering where to snag tickets to this aquatic adventure, just swim on over to the official website at and secure your spot in the front row of laughter!

So don't be a guppy, folks! Get ready to ride the wave of belly laughs, backstage shenanigans, and pure Broadway magic with The Shark is Broken. It's a tidal wave of fun that'll leave you grinning like a surfer who just caught the perfect wave!


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