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RYE REVIEWS: The Great Gatsby Musical At Paper Mill Playhouse, Starring Jeremy Jordan &Eva Noblezada

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

"Well, I don't know 'bout you,

But I'm done with the Spanish Flu

It's 1922

c'mon out of your cloister"

The above opening lyrics couldn't ring more true for a world that has just come out of the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu and had everyone hiding away in their cloisters.

Ladies and gents, strap in, because The Great Gatsby at Paper Mill Playhouse is a bona fide showstopper! 🌟

First things first, can we talk about the scenic design? Wowza! It's like they brought F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jazz Age to life right before our eyes. The roaring '20s have never looked better, and I'm calling it – this might just be the best scenic design Paper Mill has ever pulled off! It's a visual feast that'll make your jaw drop.

Now, onto the catchy tunes. Trust me, you won't be able to get these songs out of your head for days. The melodies are infectious, the choreography is electric, and Eva Noblezada and Jeremy Jordan's voices are a match made in musical heaven.

Noah J. Ricketts, John Zdrojeski, Eva Noblezada, and Samantha Pauly (Evan Zimmerman for Murphy Made)

This ain't your grandpa's Gatsby. It's a fresh take on a timeless classic, and it still packs a punch with themes that hit close to home today. The pursuit of the American Dream, extravagant parties, and the dark underbelly of wealth – it's all here, and it's as relevant as ever.

The show's marquee names absolutely crushed it! Leading the charge, we've got Jeremy Jordan, who returns to the Paper Mill Stage 12 years after his star turn performance as Jack Kelly in Newsies. He steps into Jay Gatsby's lavish shoes with swagger, charisma, and a voice that can melt ice. Trust me, he's the Gatsby we've all been waiting for.

And then, there's Eva Noblezada, a two-time Tony nominee fresh off her star-making roles in Hadestown and Miss Saigon. She takes on the role of Daisy Buchanan with grace and poise, effortlessly embodying the charm and complexity of this iconic character. Her chemistry with Jeremy Jordan is off the charts, and their duets are pure magic.

Jeremy Jordan and Eva Noblezada (Jeremy Daniel)

But that's not all, folks! The supporting cast is equally outstanding. Stanley W. Mathis as Meyer Wolfsheim brings that intriguing air of mystery, Samantha Pauly as Jordan Baker oozes confidence, and Noah J. Ricketts as Nick Carraway gives charm, splendor and candor to the role.

Paul Whitty as George Wilson and John Zdrojeski as Tom Buchanan add layers to the tale with their powerful performances. And Sara Chase is just a frolicking good time as Myrtle Wilson. It's a cast that shines as brightly as Gatsby's parties.

So there you have it, the cherry on top of this dazzling spectacle – a cast that's living up to the legacy of the novel and then some. This "Great Gatsby isn't just a show; it's an experience you won't want to miss! 🌟💃🕺🍾🎭

Oh, and speaking of parties, it's no wonder this show's sold out for the entire run. It's a rollicking good time from start to finish. So, if you haven't snagged tickets, I'd start searching for a time machine because you're gonna want to be a part of this Gatsby extravaganza. They're doing the Charleston all the way to sold-out success! 🎉💃🎶🍾

To learn more about the show and to try to snag a ticket, visit

Noah J. Ricketts (Jeremy Daniel)


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