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REVIEW: ¡Americano! at New World Stages Celebrates The Beautiful Story We Need To Hear

I attended the new Off-Broadway show ¡Americano! recently, and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you! The show is playing through June 19 at New World Stages

First and foremost, go get a ticket for this incredible show! Not only is the music incredible,but I love that this tells a beautiful and powerful story about striving for the American dream as an immigrant. We don't often get to hear these types of stories in the theater and I think it was terrific.

The cast was incredible and I hope this show sees a life outside of the Off-Broadway world. Lin Manuel Miranda was recently in attendance and seemed to enjoy the show, and the show has been well received so we will see what happens with it.

I tip my hat to this incredible cast and show that explores the theme of family, loss, and what it means to be an imigrant in America today.

¡Americano! is the true story – the life, the challenges, and the trials – of Tony Valdovinos, a DREAMer brought to America by his parents when he was two years old. Inspired by 9/11, on his 18th birthday Tony walked into a Marine Corps recruitment office to enlist, only to discover his parents hadn’t told him he was an undocumented immigrant. But Tony did not give up on his dream to serve the only country he had ever known. Instead, he discovered alternatively powerful ways to serve and inspire by combating voter suppression and galvanizing a community to fight for representation in government. ¡Americano! casts a deeply human light on what it means to be a DREAMer, at a time when America’s ongoing debates over immigration and disenfranchisement continue. ¡Americano! features Sean Ewing (West Side Story and Amazing Grace on Broadway; The Visitor at The Public) portrays Valdovinos, leading a near-entirely Latino company including Legna Cedillo, Yassmin Alers, Johanna Carlisle-Zepeda, Joseph Paul Cavazos, Lucas Coatney, Devin Cortez, Juan Luis Espinal, Justin Figueroa, Rubén Flores, Megan Elyse Fulmer, Henry Julián Gendron, Anne-Lise Koyabe, Alessandro J. Lopez, Edgar Lopez, Carolina Miranda, Alex Paez, Ryan Reyes, Lannie Rubio, Nicole Paloma Sarro, Robbie Serrano, Maria Cristina Posada Slye and Pablo Torres.

The show plays a limited engagement through June 19 and go to the shows website to see more and purchase tickets!


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