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RED CARPET: Opening Night of BOB FOSSE'S DANCIN' on Broadway

I was on the red carpet once again this past week on Sunday, March 19 for the opening night of Bob Fosse's DANCIN', the new revival back on Broadway after 41 years!

What a night this was and so much fun too, but also very very cold!!! You can actually see me freezing in most of these clips below...anywho! I spoke with the cast and some VERY special VIP guests about the impact Bob Fosse had on them, what their favorite "Fosse dance move is," and so much more! Check out all the coverage, below!

Oh, and I got to add TWO big Broadway legends to my Rolodex of people I've interviewed... Bernadette Peters AND Chita Rivera! I am literally ☠️☠️....

In this segment I spoke with some cast members about "what are some of the challenges and rewards in doing a show of this nature." They gave some incredible answers and you dont want to miss what they had to say!

I am still trying to recover from this moment... THE BERNADETTE PETERS chatted with me on the red carpet about her favorite fosse moments, what she has coming up, and her connection to Bob Fosse. Check it out!

Speaking with more cast members, I get a look inside their process of DANCIN', and we get a look at some of their awesome "red carpet looks" too!

Part 3 of my chat with some of the cast members from DANCIN' opening night!

The Broadway icon herself, the one and only...CHITA RIVERA!!!


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