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On The Red Carpet: BAD CINDERELLA Opening Night with Cast and Celebrity VIP Guests

Updated: Mar 28

"I'm not your Cinderella, I'm your BAD CINDERELLA!"

I was on the red carpet for the opening night of Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical BAD CINDERELLA now playing at The Imperial Theatre. This was one of the most fun red carpets I have been on in quite some time, it was also SO SO BIG!!!! On one side of the tent was the "photographers" on the other side, was "video" and it was glorious!!

I spoke with the cast, including the leads Linedy Genao (Bad Cinderella), Carolee Carmello (Evil Stepmother), Jordan Dobson (Prince Sebastian), Cameron Loyal (Prince Charming). Some of the celebrity guests I spoke with included Alex Brightman, Chris Olsen, Elizabeth Teeter, Wendell Pierce, and Tinkerbelle & Belle (yes, my first time interviewing dogs!!!). Check out all the fun below!

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I asked cast members to give me their best " I'm Not Your Cinderella, I'm Your BAD Cinderella!" and oh my gosh, did they DELIVER!!!!!! Take a look.

Alex Brightman chats with me about all things! From chatting about enjoying his time off now that Beetlejuice has closed, his special moments he shared with Andrew Lloyd Webber during School of Rock, and so much more!

Chris Olsen chats with me about being on the red carpet for opening night! We chat about his highly talked about friendship with Meghan Trainor, becoming TikTok Famous, what he is looking forward, and those steamy photos from Australia with Ryan Trainor!

Bad Cinderella herself, Linedy Genao, chats with me about where she was when the she found out she got the role, opening a new show, working with "Mista A" and so much more!

Josh Drake, one of the members of the ensemble, chats with on the red carpet! Check it out!

Ángel Lozada and David Schoonover talk about their time with the show! This is Ángel's Broadway debut, so he chats about that, and the special feeling being able to originate a role too! David's "bad cinderella" impression gives me Western Cowboy vibes and I am here for it!!!

Ben Lenham gives me his best LEWKS, and tells me what his experience and process has been like with this show!