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NEWS: Regretting Almost Everything, The New Cast Album Released

The new album Regretting Almost Everything starring Beth Leavel and Jeff Blumenkrantz was officially released on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

This exiting new album paints the perfect picture of what married life is like for some people, and for those who want to do "more" with their life, which I know we can relate to. I found the music to be very humorous and very catching. I see a big future for this show and I look forward to hear about what comes next with it!

Below is a little more about the show! You can listen to Regretting Almost Everything on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your music. You can see more at

Limerick-loving, greeting card writer Anne Stein and tradition-bound, dermatologist Clay Cabbage fall madly in love. Anne is so in love that, after Clay proposes, she refuses to see him until their wedding day, terrified she’ll do or say something that will make him change his mind (“Anymore”). Anne and Clay marry and settle in Chicago. They soon have two perfect kids, irrefutable proof that Anne and Clay were meant to be (“We Made Kids”). Everything – their love, their kids, their careers – is new and exciting.

Fast forward 20 years. The kids are gone, Anne and Clay can do their jobs in their sleep, sex is infrequent and uninspired, and the little idiosyncrasies they once found charming are no longer so charming (“Behind the Wheel”). Contemplating the future, Anne realizes she needs more, beginning with more passion in the bedroom (“Main Line Philly Sex”). When Clay says he’s giving all he’s got to give, Anne accepts a job with a greeting card company in Milwaukee, hoping her absence will reignite Clay’s passion (“My Mini4”).

Clay tries to convince himself he’s not the problem (“It’s Normal”). Meanwhile, off in Milwaukee, Anne fantasizes about having an affair (“No, I Don’t (Yes, I Do”).

Anne and Clay miss each other. Clay never misses Anne more than the night their son Blake, who is spending his spring break with Clay, fails to come home until dawn (“Waiting Up”).

A few months later, their daughter, Amanda, gives birth to Elle. Anne and Clay fly to California to meet her (“Elle”). Their love for Elle brings Anne and Clay closer. When Amanda brings Elle to Chicago for Thanksgiving, Clay is determined to be Elle’s favorite grandparent (“The Baby Likes Me Best”).

Anne has been waiting for Clay to beg her to come home ever since she went to Milwaukee. Clay hasn’t because he’s been afraid of what will happen if things aren’t better in bed. But after Amanda and Elle return to California, Clay can’t bear to watch Anne leave for Milwauke, so he proposes a series of weekend dates. Anne is overjoyed. Her plan worked! Or maybe it didn’t. The dates are wonderful, yet Clay aways comes up with a reason they can’t make love (“Dating”).

Anne is frustrated. Then, on her way to work one day, Anne bumps into Stu, a guy she used to date before she met Clay. Stu lives in Milwaukee! They go to dinner, and Anne has a great time. Terrified, she gets in her Mini and rushes home to Clay . She tells him about Stu. When Clay barely reacts, Anne begs him to show he cares (“Fight for Me”). When he can’t, Anne divorces him.

Alone in the family home, Clay peruses photos of his kids when they were young, and reflects back (“Fatherhood”).

Time passes. One day, Clay asks Anne to meet. He tells her he, too, has found a new love. Anne, now happily married to Stu, is devastated. She tells Clay she needs time to get used to the idea. When Clay adds that his new love is also named Stu, Anne realizes she’ll need a little more time than she’d thought (“How Do You Measure a Marriage?”).

Eventually, Anne and Clay meet again. Their marriage may be over, but they’re best friends who share a history, children and an abiding love. They agree they have nothing to regret (“Do It All Again”).

Bonus track: (“Blind Date”), the story of Anne and Stu’s initial meeting, back when they were kids.

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