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My Top 5 PRIDE MUST READS For The Summer

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

With it being pride month and NYC pride just celebrated yesterday thought I'd share six of my favorite Pride Reads that I have read over the past month! These books mix memoirs and fiction with gay writers or LGBT topics and storylines.

Many of you know that at the start of the pandemic in 2020, I took a deep dive into the many books I had yet to read and quickly found my new love of reading! I think I am nearing 20-something books since March 2020, which, if you know me, is a big deal because I never used to be a big reader.

These pride reads are some of my favorite and tell great stories about the Broadway, Hollywood, and pop culture personalities we know and love.

You can purchase them for yourself either digitally or in person by clicking on the photo of the book!

Note: These are in no particular order or sequence!

Playing with Myself by Randy Rainbow

This book was by far one of my favorites because I admire what Randy Rainbow has created. He let us into his process of creating but also shared his story of growing up and struggling with his family, particularly his father. He also talks fondly of his grandmother and their relationship. He also lets us in on how he made it work for many years living in NYC before he took off, and how the 2016 election was the best thing to ever happen to his career.

I Was Better Last Night by Harvey Fierstein

What is there to say about I Was Better Last Night then just *chefs kiss* perfection. This beautiful memoir shares Harvey's life including love, loss, triumph and the highs and lows of his fabulous showbiz career!

Miss Memory Lane by Colton Haynes

Miss Memory Lane is Colton Haynes debut memoir and man oh man, does he go there! Colton takes us on his deeply personal and intimate story of his life from a childhood which included sexual abuse from a young age, dealing with his sexuality and his public coming out, Hollywood telling him to be someone he wasn't, an unfortunate and highly publicized divorce, addiction both in his life and his Mother's life, and how his addiction led him to almost the brink of death and the ultimate decision to get sober.

This book gutted me! I laughed, I cried, and felt all the emotions and this book deserves the Pulitzer Prize for its gripping honesty. Thank you for writing this Colton and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

This New York Times Bestseller which is currently in production for the feature film was is a MUST for anyone. This was my first time diving deep into a fiction book and while there were times that I felt were a little slow, it was certainly very exciting to read about this storybook romance about the FSOTUS (First Son of The United States) and The Prince of England!

Playing The Palace by Paul Rudnick

Where to begin with Playing the Palace?! Let your fantasies unwind with this exciting book when a NYC event planner starts dating the Prince of Wales in this exciting, thrilling, and pulling at your heartstrings book of the ultimate fantasy we all wish we had with the royals. I loved how fast pace this story was and real world choices and decisions made in this book. Is love the strongest bond? Will this American event planner shake up the monarchy and cause a royal mess? A must read!

Do you have a favorite gay/lgbt memoir or fiction book you've read recently that you recommend? Drop me a line and let me know. Remember, you can purchase these books by clicking the photos!


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