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  • Kimberly Faye Greenberg

GUEST POST: Be Like Rye!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

By Kimberly Faye Greenberg

Kimberly Faye Greenberg (SubUrban Photography)

Since meeting Rye at the beginning of the pandemic, I can say that what I love about him is his ability to create his own success, from video interviews, to this website, as well as to new forms of entertainment that have since launched as we have gone into quarantine.

It’s because as the #2 Performing Arts Business Coach in the world (aka “The Broadway Expert”) and fellow performer/creator, I preach creating your own work no matter if you are a performer or a podcaster, a behind-the-scenes artist, or even in some other realm of business.

The act of creating gives you power, especially in the performing arts field where we can’t control where and when we get hired.

Creating can help you to control your destiny. You literally can create anything, and if there is a certain career goal in mind, you can focus those creations on where you want to go.

Before you know it, when you put things that you have created into the universe, it usually helps to open doors and create jobs for you (and not to mention some form of income) that were once out of the realm of possibility.

For example, want to HOST your own TV series? Why not create short videos or interviews that you HOST about a subject you love. Much like what Rye did. Now Rye has his own digital talk show series!

Another example! Want to level up as a performer? Why not create a showcase for your talents to help those who might hire you to see your work. Much like what I did with my now critically acclaimed “Fabulous Fanny Brice” Broadway-style solo musical that is now one of the BEST things to stream (by the way, make sure to check out Rye’s great review here on the website and get a ticket to watch).

Now you are thinking, let’s get creating! Yes! Let’s do it.

To help you start, here are five pieces of advice to consider when starting this endeavor:

  1. Focus on an area you love and that you are an expert in. Don’t think you are an expert in something? Think again! I bet there are many things that you can do without thinking too hard about them that could be hard for many others. What is that, and can you create something that can either show that talent to the world or maybe create a product that can teach others to do what you do?

  2. Tell stories in your creating. Humans love storytelling. It’s how we relate to those around us. Even a ten-second commercial tells a story. How can you tell a story in your creation?

  3. Create something that can already appeal to a fan base. Are you a huge Broadway lover? What can you create that sheds light on Broadway, showcases you, or what you love about it. An already built-in fan base means people will want to tune into your creation.

  4. Collaborate when you create! More minds or team members will help to make something great. Once you have your idea, get people to help you bring it to fruition.

  5. Last but not least, TELL PEOPLE once you have finished your creation. Isn’t that the whole point of creating, to begin with? You want people to see it! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. You can tweak as you go along. It took me about five years with my team of collaborators ( I didn’t create my “Fabulous Fanny Brice” show alone) to tweak it to what it is today, but I needed an audience and feedback of people seeing it before it could become what it is now.

Now go out and be fearless and get creating. I cannot wait to see your future content! Make sure to tag both Rye and me on social media when you share it so that we can watch.

And of course, make sure to check me out for more inspiration and actor advice to help you level up at or even just for entertainment (and inspiration on how to create a solo show) with my “Fabulous Fanny Brice” show at or on Stellar Tickets.

Happy creating!!


Thank you Kimberly for your incredible guest post and helping to inspire creatives everywhere! I hope you got something out of this and found it helpful. If you did, be sure to tell Kimberly and I on social media!

Keep up with Kimberly on Instagram at @kfgreenberg and on her following websites:


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