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FLIPPING THE SCRIPT: Listen to My Interview From Heart of Indie Radio

For the first time in my life, the script was flipped, and I was the one on the other side of the microphone being interviewed! After my interview with renowned singer Emme Lentino in December on "Live with Rye!", Emme invited me as a guest to be interviewed on her radio show, The Eddie and Emme Show on Heart of Indie Radio.

I was thrilled to give one of my first interviews to Emme because Heart of Indie Radio and her show's focus on positivity and kindness is what focuses on. In the interview, I talk about how I got started with, advice for those who have been told "you can't do this," what motivates me to continue my creative journey, and much more! I loved talking with Emme, and what a surreal moment to be on the opposite end of the interview.

Click on the sound clip below to listen to my interview.

xo Rye


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