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Broadway Regards With Martha Rae Reedle

Cell phones, candy wrappers, coughing, singing along, bare feet – there seems to be an endless list of things driving audiences crazy at Broadway shows today. Well, you know what’s at the tippy top of Auntie Martha’s BIG book of little pet peeves? Theater Etiquette Monitors. That’s right, the very people who are getting their knickers in a knot and taking to social media to rat out these offenders offends me! Now, let’s be clear here, I’m not saying one should talk on a phone or kick their Keds off in a theater. Channeling my Dr. Suess, I’d say “Nobody should do that on a plane, on a train, on a bus, not even your friend Gus.” Ok, so I’m no Doctor Suess. Well, guess what? They’re no Miss Manners either.

Etiquette was established to set rules so that everybody has a code of conduct and is comfortable. All the experts agree that the rudest thing one can do is … to point out bad manners. And, we all know two rudes don’t make it right, right?

Yes, I know you plunked down a lot of money for your tickets and you want to have the full experience of the show. We all do, Honey, we all do. I also suspect that these offenders offend because they’ve no experience seeing shows. All of us theatre-goers NEED them to see shows. Don’t forget, it’s that injection of new audiences that help keep Broadway healthy. Ask any doctor, including Suess.


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