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EXCLUSIVE: CHRISTINA SAJOUS On New Joe Iconis Musical, Broadway Bounty Hunter

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Christina Sajous Headshot

Christina Sajous talks with about the new Off-Broadway musical Broadway Bounty Hunter at Greenwich House Theater from July 9th through September 15th. Broadway Bounty Hunter, a new musical from Joe Iconis (SMASH!, Be More Chill), is a blast from start to finish. It is inspired by the style of exploitation movies of the 1970s. It's about anyone who's ever been pushed to the side, reclaiming their power through the lens of a woman of a certain age who goes on a great adventure to become a bounty hunter and ends up saving Broadway.

Christina let us know what we can expect to see from this new show, what it has been like to work on a new musical from concept to creation, her favorite songs, and advice for fellow performers. For tickets to Broadway Bounty Hunter, click here.


Can you tell us a little about Broadway Bounty Hunter and the concept behind it?

A woman of a certain age searches for her purpose in a world that tries to silence her existence.

Can you tell me a little about your roles Claudine Machine/Janessa and what you do in the show?

Claudine Machine is the mirror image of what i believe is an All American Black Woman... she’s real, natural, honest, physically/mentally strong, smart, resilient, vulnerable, wise, politically/socially conscious, and fearless. And Janessa... well Janessa is an addict, and troubled prostitute, who is the exact opposite of Claudine.

What’s your favorite song from the show?

Veins!!! Annie Golden powerfully sings a song about having the courage to conquer her fears because her fearlessness to overcome obstacles is built inside her “veins”.

What have you learned about yourself as an actress from this role and show so far?

Trust your impulses and instincts.

Broadway Bounty Hunter show art

The show is about anyone who's ever been pushed to the side, reclaiming their power... through the lens of a woman of a certain age” – can you tell me how this relates to your character and some of the struggles your character and other women in the show face and how they overcome it?

I think that is SO empowering! Yes, it is empowering! What is even more empowering is the freedom of choice. Choice allows women to choose their purpose, and when purpose is achieved, we have more confidence. The women in the show is just a reflection of the strength, courage and wisdom that is embodied in the everyday woman.

What’s the process been like to develop an original musical from the ground up? What have you enjoyed the most about this?

When it comes to building a new musical comedy, there isn’t anytime to be afraid... so fearlessness is key. And what I love most about work, is that i get ta be surrounded by funny people who truly make me laugh.

What has it been like to work alongside Annie Golden? That must be a dream!

Annie Golden is the most vivacious, tender, energetic, driven, zealous, fierce and beautifully talented woman I have had the honor to share the stage with.

What’s your advice for anyone who wants to get into performing professionally with a goal for Broadway?

You are enough! Never be afraid to be your most authentic YOU. There is only one of you, so own it!


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