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Broadway Sings Unplugged: Sara Bareilles! Iconic Music, New Arrangements, and Acoustic Band.

Broadway Sings which was founded and produced by Broadway performer Corey Mach showcased its new #Unplugged series at The Green Room 42 on Monday, November 26th. Broadway Sings is the acclaimed concert series that takes a pop icon and flips their music to create brand new arrangements and orchestrations.

This evening was called Broadway Sings Unplugged: Sara Bareilles and featured a range of performers from Broadway showcasing the songs of singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles. The show which usually has a large orchestra has become #Unplugged to make it more intimate for settings such as The Green Room 42.

On Monday, December 3rd Broadway Sings will play the Highline Ballroom (where it usually plays it's concerts) and will sing the hits of John Legend. For tickets and to learn more you can visit the Broadway Sings Concert website.

With a band of six members and music conducted and arranged by Joshua Stephen Kartes, instruments included a piano, guitars, and drums, and of course the cello. This #Unplugged evening was a more acoustic night compared to the full orchestra that the Broadway Sings series usually has. The setlist were not your typical covers of Bareilles' songs that many know. Instead, the artists performed songs that are not as mainstream, and they certainly didn't disappoint in their selections. Below is the setlist as well as the performers who appeared that night

Alexa Green: "I Choose You/ One Sweet Love"

Desi Oakley: "Door #3" (A song that was cut from the Broadway show Watiress)

Gerard Canoinico: "Bluebird"

Natalie Weiss: "Stay"

Corey Mach: "Hold My Heart"

Mary Kate Morrisey: "Gravity"

Drew Gehling: "Many The Miles"

Barrett Wilbur Weed: "Machine Gun"

Desi Oakley: "Manhattan"

Dominic Canonico: "LIttle Black Dress"

Natalie Weiss: "King of Anything"

Corey Mach: "Between the Lines"

Alexa Green & Drew Gehling: "Love on the Rock"

Barrett Wilbur Weed: "She Use To Be Mine" ( this was #AllTheFeels)

Mary Kate Morrisey & (special guest) Ginna Claire Mason: "Brave"

To see footage from the evening head over to's instagram and LIKE the videos!

(The special cocktail of the evening "She Use To Be Wine" Sangria)

(Broadway Sings producer Corey Mach performing and introducing the evening!)

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