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INTERVIEW: NICK ADAMS Talks About New Musical Mary & Max, Creating A Digital Platform As a Perfo

(Nick Adams Headshot- Photo Credit: Chad Wagner )

Broadway performer Nick Adams is currently starring alongside Tony Galde and Lauren Elder as Damien in the new production of Mary & Max, a new musical currently running at Theater Calgary in Alberta, Canada. He is no stranger to the stage with Broadway credits that include, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, La Cage Aux Folles, and A Chorus Line, just to name a few. In 2014 he also hit the road with the National Tour of the Broadway smash hit, WICKED starring as Fiyero.

With an approximate total of 70k followers on Twitter and Instagram, Nick has shown that while fine tuning your craft to perfection is essential, it is also very important how you market yourself as a performer. talked with him about Mary & Max and his character Damien, building a platform with engaging content as a performer, staying in shape while doing eight shows a week and what exciting projects he has next. Is his next role a dream role he's wanted to play? Read on to find out.

You can follow Nick Adams on on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


What have you learned about yourself as a performer from playing the role of Damien?

I’ve been reminded how much I love the creative process of putting a new musical together and originating a role again. It’s incredibly satisfying to know that I have helped create, shape and breathe life into this character. I love when things begin to click and you feel the arc happening.

Do you feel you relate to Damien at all? Do you find that both you and him have had the same struggles?

Well it is a journey of self acceptance and discovery for him. He’s laden with insecurities about his speech impediment, his sexuality and I can directly relate to those type of feelings and pull from my own experiences. It isn’t until he feels a connection and acceptance with Mary that he is able to let go and welcome who he truly is.

How are you liking Calgary, are the audiences different in Canada then back home in the USA?

Calgary is a beautiful city. The best part has been being in such close proximity to Banff. I find that every audience is different each night as it is at home. One audience might be young and very responsive and the next night they may be older and more reserved. But the commonality is that they always end on their feet here.

Switching gears, you have close to 70k followers on your social media platforms Twitter and Instagram, you have also just signed on with new agency for branding/content called “The Cast.” So, as an actor, how important is it for one to brand themselves and develop followers?

It’s incredibly important. It’s a way to engage with people, share your work and to gain a following. Because everything is so accessible with social media it’s important to have a clear direction of content. I hate the word “brand” as an individual, but it is what it is. Producers unfortunately put a lot of importance on things like this. But it is show BUSINESS. We are ultimately a product that has taken years to cultivate that needs to be promoted. We want to make art, we want to make money.

Does the right branding for yourself and putting unique content out there help performers be seen more in today’s world?

Yes, generality isn’t going to get you anywhere. I have to keep a mix of show related news, modeling, travel and personal posts.

What is the most important thing a performer should know about content creation on social media platforms?

People will always have many opinions. People will also assume they know you and not a curated version of you based on your content.

WICKED just celebrated their 15th anniversary show on Oct 30th. You starred as Fiyero in the national tour for sometime on the road. What was a special WICKED moment, of something you remember that you can share with us from the show?

I first auditioned at an ECC when I was in college on my winter break. I flew to NY just for that afternoon from Pennsylvania. I remember the monitor told me my equity card had expired and I tried to explain to him the updated version had been sent to my apartment in Boston but that I was in fact up to date. He made me run to the equity office, obtain a new card and run backed with the danger of missing the audition all together. I just made it back, completely out of breath, for the last group of dancers. The sweet part of this story is at the end of the call they came into the holding room and said we just need the guy in the green T-shirt to stay everyone else can go. That guy was me. It’s how I was first introduced to the Telsey Casting office who would later cast me in my first starring role in a Broadway musical. I didn’t end up booking Wicked then but I’m glad i didn’t. Years later I would be playing Fiyero! It was a dream come true.

How do you manage to stay so fit and in shape with a crazy schedule of rehearsals and shows? What’s would be the best advice you have for performers and staying in shape?

It’s a lifestyle. You make the time. I go to the gym in the morning before rehearsal, or on a lunch break or after when I’d rather sit on the couch. I’m committed to making it work. It’s also been an important way to stay active and healthy when in a show. Your body gets use to moving the same way right times a week, so I try counter that with outside movement.

What is next for you after coming back home? Will you be releasing any new music or getting into TV?

I have a great guest star spot on the new Comedy Central show The Other Two that begins airing in January. I shot it in NY this summer over a few weeks in June. Look out for Dallas Drake. I have a very big musical theatre gig coming up that has yet to be announced, but I can tell you it’s one of my absolute dream roles!

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