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EXCLUSIVE: Rising Pop Star PARKER POLHILL Gets Candid-Talks His New Single, Inspirations, and the To

Breakout Indie R&B/Dance Artist Parker Polhill talked with me about his latest single "International" and his new EP. Fresh off a national tour, Parker is back in the studio writing new music. He chatted with me about his musical inspirations, what led to him leaving school to pursue music and his new single. He has grown a following organically and has overwhelmingly received over 10 million YouTube Views


Tell us about your new single “International.” Where did the idea come from and is it in the same style of the rest of your music?

“International” is my latest single and it came together real easily. When a song comes together easily, it’s usually a good sign. The producer and I wrote most of it in Atlanta and later finished writing and recording the song in LA. The song is about an experience I had with a lady. She was kind of all over the place and impossible to keep up with, so we thought it would be funny to write a very literal interpretation of that. So we wrote about literally traveling around the world trying to keep up with this girl, and it turned into “International”.

Who have been some of your biggest musical inspirations?

This is a really hard question for me because I listen to so much music and so many different genres. Though if I had to throw some names out there, I’d say Chris Brown, Drake, Brett Young, and Ty Dolla $ign. I could keep going, but those are a few of the artists that I study and aspire to be like, musically speaking.

What is the source of inspiration for writing your songs and what made you take on the R&B/Dance style of music?

My music comes from everything I am. I write about my own experiences and from my own perspective. I’m not afraid of my emotions. I write about feelings and love. My goal in my music is to spread positive energy and to inspire happiness.

From an athlete to musician--that’s not something that everyone can say! What was the deciding factor to pursue music over school and sports? What was the reaction from your parents?

It was a tough decision for me, but the timing of everything going on in my life pushed me towards music. God made it clear to me that music is what I am supposed to be doing. Luckily, my parents are the most supportive people alive. They have always encouraged me and my siblings to follow our passions and dreams.

(Photo Credit: Seth Kupersmith)

Are your songs such as “On One” in reference to anyone special in your life?

Yes. All of my songs come from experiences I’ve had.

Where do you want to go from here? What is next for you? Will you be touring again?

More music to come! I have a few more songs coming out this year and next year should be the year I release my first album, so keep a look out for all of that! And yes, I will be touring more. It’s a little too soon to announce dates and locations, but there will definitely will be more shows!

In today’s overpopulated and vast pool of aspiring musicians trying to break out, what is your best advice?

Fall in love with the process. The journey is what you will talk about and remember for the rest of your life. Fall in love with it and you will love life.

(Photo Credit: Seth Kupersmith)

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