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INTERVIEW: Teen Wolf & Footloose's ELIZABETH GORCEY Talks Her New Book With Daughter, Workin

I had the chance to chat with 80's actress, Elizabeth Gorcey about her newest role as co-author with her daughter Olivia. They have just co-written a new book called Read, Read, Read. After starring alongside the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael J. Fox, Gorcey has since traded in acting for writing, paint, and words.

The press release for her new book reads: "Her new book series is inspired and written along with her daughter, Olivia, who as a three-year-old began to spontaneously deliver wisdom and advice to anyone who was listening. Elizabeth dubbed her daughter's musings as "Liv-Isms," and each book in the series is based on these everyday insights. Sometimes kids are the best teachers, and in encouraging her own daughter to embrace and use her authentic voice, Elizabeth realized how much adults can, and must, learn from the purity and honesty of a child's perspective."

Elizabeth talks with me about her new adventure, the surprising success/follwing of both Footloose and Teen Wolf, who she still talks to, and whether a reunion is in the works for any of her films.


Can you tell us a little bit more about the new book you and your daughter paired up to write titled Read, Read, and Read?

It’s the third book of the Liv On Life book series. Reading is one of Liv’s favorite things to do. One of her ‘Liv-isms’ is “A book can be a friend and make a friend.”

I understand that from this book you coined the term, "Liv-isms" for the wisdom your daughter would also give?

When Olivia was barely three years old, I began to record the wisdom and advice that she would spontaneously deliver to anyone who was listening. I dubbed these 'Liv-Isms' and each book in the LOL Series is based directly on these utterances. For me, the message is crystal clear: in a high-tech, fast-paced world, kids are still the best teachers. In encouraging my own daughter to embrace and use her authentic voice, I realized how much adults can—and must—learn from the purity and honesty of a child’s perspective and that this awareness can help parents and adults rediscover our own authentic voices. Liv and I see the book series as an introduction to a way of change, hope, and taking better care of each other and the planet, all driven by the authenticity of a child’s perspective.

What gave you and your daughter the idea to team up in the first place to start writing these children's books?

I was inspired to become a writer by Liv and my dog, Bowie.

Does Footloose currently plans to have a Footloose reunion or talk of a remake? Are you surprised with how well Footloose has done in the community/regional theater circuits?

I sure hope they have a reunion and we can all play our older selves! I think it’s great that Footloose is still living on in theatre and is still talked about.

Did you guys ever think it would go onto become a Broadway musical?

I did get invited to the opening of the Broadway musical and I was happy that it made it to Broadway.

What were your thoughts on the MTV series re-boot of Teen Wolf?

I actually haven’t watched it, but I love that a new generation is getting to experience it.

Do you still talk to any of your castmates from Footloose or Teen Wolf, and if so, who are you the closest with?

We bump into one another and catch up.

What is next for you in the production world? Are you producing or directing any new work that you can speak on?

Yes, I’m working on a feature film that I plan to direct.

How has the acting industry changed—for better or for worse—today?

From what I hear, the acting industry is worse with more competition. But if you have persistence and talent don’t give up.

What is next for you and your writing partner daughter, Oliva?

Chapter books and growing the Liv On Life brand of ‘Be True- Be Kind,’ LOL Kids organic hair care line, and a line of feel-good t-shirts for kids with ‘Liv-isms’ on them. Also, Olivia is getting ready to tour Europe with her choir this July and they will be preforming one of her songs that she wrote and composed.

(Image of the Front Cover Read, Read, Read)

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