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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Pop Icon 'Punk Barbie' ERYN WOODS!

Eryn Woods or "Punk Barbie" is currently taking the music world by storm with her creative and spunky music. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including being endorsed by Betsey Johnson which one of her most significant accomplishments! She is all about her fans, and when she isn't onstage she is talking to our youth about the importance of acceptance and anti-bullying!


So what has it been like to have all this success in the music field, and to be known as the "punk barbie?" Its been a dream so far and I can't wait for many more years to come! I always said that I was going to be a singer but you never really believe it until it actually happens because its such a hard industry to get into. "Punk Barbie" came from my fans but it just so happens that my mother called me her little Barbie ever since I was a little girl. Long Blonde hair, green eyed baby ive just mixed it up a little bit with a ...Green Mohawk! PUNK BARBIE baby!!!!!! ;-) You are queen of the "Kupkake" brigade, can you tell us about what that is, and how you coined that name? My Kupcake Nation is a HUGE part of my career and they are the reason that I am able to do what I love to do and making a living. I have had self-confident and self-image issues and cupcakes always made me smile when i was having a bad day. Then I thought really deep into the meaning of it and there are so many different types of cupcakes made with different ingredients but they all end up being so very tasty. Its the same for my fans....I have so many different and unique fans but we are all loved the same and we all make each other SMILE!!! When you are not performing, you are speaking to youth about tolerance, self- acceptance and Anti-bullying. How important is it to educate our youth on the issue of ant-bullying, and tolerance? Its a huge part of who I am as a person and as a singer because so many youth have lost their lives because of someone making fun of how they look, or what type of clothes they wear. If we could let these kids know that it is OKAY to be different and that we need to celebrate being unique....we wouldn't have these type of issues. Did you know when you were begining in the music career that you would be so popular, and embraced by the LGBT community? I honestly did not think I would be so popular in any community especially the LGBT community. I am just being ME and I thank God everyday that someone likes ME for ME! :) Where do you pull the inspiration for your songs from? All my inspiration comes from my life and my fans lives....they send me stories all the time. Good and bad.

What is different from your first EP Holl.E. Wood, and your newest album Almost Famous? I have added 4 new songs, B My Lover, Hollywood, Popular and Its A we didn't think that the old songs on Holl.E.Woods actually got enough credit and we wanted to push them out more to the world! Who has been some of your inspiration as an artist for your image? My image just comes from me traveling and seeing the world and getting to experiment with different designers, different hair companies, etc..... For someone who may just be learning about you, can you tell us about your style and genre of music? I would consider my music to be Pop-Punk-80s and my style is just fun, edgy, and expresses my personality. What has been your best accomplishment so far? Its so hard to pick just one because I think everything I have done so far has meant so much to me but when I performed on AXS Live and got to see myself on national television....that was pretty AWESOME!!! :))))))

How cool was it to be endorsed by Betsey Johnson? VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!! I have always loved Betsey Johnson and I never thought that I would ever even be wearing any of her clothing but when i got this chance it was a dream come true. Is there a band or artist you have yet to perform with that you really would like to? There are a lot of amazing artist and bands out there these days and in the past that I would love to perform with but one specific person that I would LOVE to share the stage with is one of my inspirations, THE Cyndi Lauper. Your unique hairstyle mohawk is what defines you, what made you take that edgy move and get that done? I didn't really think about it that much....I just did it!!! LOL :) What is next, or new projects for Eryn Wood? I am currently in the studio constantly working on new music and i am hoping to have a new album out within the next year, but right now I am really focused on touring and performing. Going out and seeing fans and meeting new ones! Finish this sentence: Eryn Woods is... Unstoppable!!!

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