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EXCLUSIVE: "From The Shore To The Big Screen" Jenni "JWOWW" Farley Talks New Mov

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Jenni "JWOWW" Farley burst onto our television screens back in 2010 in the hit MTV reality series, Jersey Shore. Since her time at the shore she has since become a Mother, a Wife, and recently an actress! Her new movie The Mint is now available, and she was kind enough to give us this interview about her new movie and what she has been up to! She also dishes which cast mates she still talks with from Jersey Shore, as well as details on her Wedding Day, and talks about her soon-to-be new baby! Check out our interview below!


So recently you starred in the new movie The Mint, what was this experience like for you, and what was it like to be around so many talented artists? I was just excited to be a part of such a fun project. Everyone was amazing to work with. I get super nervous trying to act (lol) but everyone made me feel right at home. Do you see yourself in your character Vicki at all? Oh yes!!! I would say Vicki is less dramatic than myself. I think I would've been a lot more mean if j. was my ex-boyfriend. Is Vicki a big part of helping J. Fontaine Make the move to NYC and the record label his own? I think they were a great team in the beginning but something happened to cause major issues with them. Switching gears- Congrats on your pregnancy, I'm so happy for you! Do you know the gender of the baby yet? Have you choose his or her name? It's a boy!!!!! Cannot figure out a name,grrrrrr!!!!!! Can you give us some details from your wedding day? Your dress looked amazing, and so beautiful--were your former cast mates in attendance? Everyone but Mike came to my wedding. It was incredible! Other than Snooki, who are do you still talk with from "Jersey Shore?" Everyone besides Mike!!! What are you working on next, and what is in the future for you? I love working on my Australian Gold Jwoww line. Anything that allows me to go home to my daughter at the end of the day I am willing to do. What would we be surprised to know about "JWOWW" now that Jersey Shore is over? I am a stay-at-home mom and I love every second of it!!!! Very rare for me to work outside the house. Finally, if you could describe this movie in 3 words what it would be? Amazing, sweet, funny.


The Mint Movie has already received great reviews and is poised to become a cult classic! To purchase The Mint Movie on Amazon, please visit: Like The Mint Movie on Facebook:

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