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INTERVIEW: "The Woman Of A Thousand Voices" CHRISTINE PEDI Chats About NICK & NORA Reu

Actress, singer, radio host of Sirius XM On Broadway, and celebrity impersonator Christine Pedi is starring in the reunion of Nick & Nora at 54 Below tomorrow evening, May 2nd. ​She was kind enough to chat with me about the show (which side note- it must be noted that she was NOT in the "original" Nick & Nora, she is simply just filling in for Deb Monk who cannot be there), her gig as radio personality for On Broadway with Christine Pedi on Sirius XM, her celebrity impersonations (which include the voices of Liza Minnelli, Angela Lansbury, and Bernadette Peters, just to name a few!) her upcoming projects, and her advice to struggling artists out there(some of the best I've ever heard!)

Be sure to keep up with her at or tune into Sirius XM channel 72 to hear her, and visit 54 Below's Website for tickets to the show


What can we expect from this upcoming Nick & Nora reunion? A lot of fun! You are the host on On Broadway with Christine Pedi on Sirius XM. What is it like for you as an actress to bring your love of Broadway to the airwaves? What do you enjoy most? I think I love talking about the emotional intention of the songs and characters, above and beyond what we may initially associate the song with. I discover new things everyday about these songs as I play them and ponder about them. You are best known for your spot on, top-of-the-line impressions of some of Broadway’s biggest and brightest. Who’s your favorite impression to do and why? Kinda depends upon the situation. Lately Liza and Angela Lansbury have been a lot of fun. It the audience gasps… color me happy! What’s coming up next for you? The day after Nick & Nora Im celebrating Betty Comdens 100th birthday (on her actual birthday!) with WONDERFUL SONGS, a variation on a show I did over a decade ago that Comden & Green both came to several times. What is the best advice you can give to people who want to get into theatre professionally and are struggling with their careers? I JUST listened to an interview I did with Betty Comden just before she died and we discussed that very topic. She quoted Josh Logan who said about going into the theatre- “if anything can stop you… let it. You have to be ready to give your life to it because there’s no way to tell what kind of sacrifices you may have to make till after you’ve made them. There is no way forecast if you’ll have a career that will afford you the simple (or not so simple) luxuries of owning a home, a car, (or even a dog!) of being able to start a family, or finding someone who is willing to share a life with you given the gamble that being an artist is.

So, yes its exhausting and times it honestly does not always get easier because the better you do the more you want!

My biggest suggestion is to CALM DOWN. There’s a lot to panic about.. or so we think, but there is also a LOT where the mantra “just let go and let God” can apply. Do your homework, be prepared and as disciplined and responsible as you can and be KIND to people… then see what happens. But remember there really is NO blueprint no matter whose career you envy and may want to emulate… your journey will be your journey. Being successful is a relative state of mind. Have a healthy attitude about it. Want to be a success in life, not just in show business. If you could describe Nick & Nora reunion at 54 Below in one word what would it be… Gin?

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