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INTERVIEW: "Deep Beneath The City" Broadway's MOYA ANGELA Chats About New Broadway Sho

Moya Angela Headshot

Moya Angela is a Broadway actress who has one of the biggest and best singing chops on Broadway today. She is currently making her voice heard in Broadway's newest musical, In Transit, which also marks Broadway's first a cappella musical and is playing at Circle in The Square Theatre on West 52nd Street! Not only is she in one of the most demanding shows on The Great White Way, she also plays three very different roles in the show as well, each having their own demanding parts to them too. She chatted with me about this new show, playing three different roles, the challenges this show brings, and how the show resonates with New Yorker's everywhere! Check out our exclusive interview, below!


What has it been like to star in 'In Transit' and be a part of Broadways first acapella musical?

Honestly it's such an amazing feeling doing this show. I workshopped it the past 4 years so to finally be able to do this special piece is such an Honor.

You play three different roles in the show, "Ms. Williams, Momma, and Althea" even though all those characters are different, how are they similar?

The thing that makes them similar is the fact that they all know exactly where they are in life and what they want. They just need everyone around them to follow. All very strong women.

Who is your favorite character to play and why?

Definitely Althea lol, she makes me laugh inside. She is so sassy just like the MTA workers in the booth and is just not having it by anyone. Such a joy to play this character.

What’s been the hardest part about doing an a capella show?

Having to listen to so many others just to get your part. And if one thing is different in the in ear monitor u just feel lost the rest of the scene. But we trust each other very well so you adjust accordingly.

How does In Transit speak to New York City's diversity and inclusion?

In Transit is the epitome of just that. With a very diverse cast we represent what colorful New York is about. Each of our stories express inclusion to all the different cultures. With the show being an ensemble piece it hits what NYC is all about. Helping women up stairs, and holding train doors and, Jane and Boxmans relationship they really get to know each other and are there for each other. I've experienced this head on in this city.

What was the rehearsal process like for this show?

Extremely tough. Ten part harmony and a Tech process where everyone is called at every time there is rehearsal is no easy thing to do. The reason is we are all principles but we are also each other's backup so we must be there for each other.

What is the best advice you can give to aspiring performers who want to pursue theatre professionally, and end up on Broadway?

I just gave this advice the other day. You have to start with your community . Do regional theater in your area. You have got to start and learn all the things about backstage and on stage so that you know what you're getting in to. It's not an easy job. Also it's important to take acting classes and to do voice lessons. Those things nourish your gift they are essential to this business. And then start auditioning for the big stuff. Even sometimes when you feel like you're not ready do it anyway. We all started as amateurs.

If you had to describe In Transit in one word what would it be....


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