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INTERVIEW: Renowned Hollywood Triple Threat Director VLAD YUDIN On His New Documentary Generation Ir

Photo Credit: Vince Trupspin

GENERATION IRON 2 tells the story of the new class of bodybuilders and fitness personalities as they push their physiques to the next level, while generating mass appeal around the world. Once known as a sport that lives in the dark corners of society, bodybuilding is finally earning its position in the mainstream media. The anticipated sequel delves into the growth and development of the fitness culture and the lives of the up-and-coming bodybuilders and their intriguing personalities that are making waves beyond the bodybuilding community.

The highly anticipated documentary introduces the next generation of bodybuilders as they transition from the grueling world of bodybuilding into mainstream pop culture icons. GENERATION IRON 2 Follows its predecessor, GENERATION IRON, which grossed over 1 million dollars in the US domestic box office and became one of the highest grossing documentaries of 2013 as the first film to commercially cover the world of body building since Pumping Iron (1977). spoke with Vlad Yudin about his new documentary. He gives us an inside look into the world of Bodybuilding, and behind the scenes info that you will ONLY see here! Check out the OFFICIAL trailer for Generation Iron 2 here


What inspired you in wanting to make "Generation Iron 2?" After we made the first one, I never aspired to make a sequel. There was absolutely no need for it, considering the fact that we really explained what modern bodybuilding is in the first one. However, I got more involved in the fitness industry and I began observing the changes that started taking place since 2013. I was discovering new characters and learning about new ways of building careers in bodybuilding. I wanted to explore it more and also go global; I want to see what’s bodybuilding is like in the Middle East, in Australia and so on.

Why do you think that a sport that has become so mainstream and popular, was once so taboo? I think it’s still very much taboo. It’s ironic, really, considering that some of the bodybuilders and fitness personalities have massive following and yet the mainstream media still doesn’t acknowledge them or their sport.

What were things you learned that you never expected to learn about both Bodybuilding and the bodybuilders who you documented? Well, when I was making the first film almost everything was unexpected. But this time around, I was very familiar with the bodybuilding lifestyle and routine. We followed some very interesting characters. Some that have created an empire in the fitness world without ever actually becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Do you feel that this documentary accurately captures the life and work of bodybuilding and it's builders in it? I think it does 100%. Of course, in reality, the everyday life of a bodybuilder gets very repetitive. There is a lot of eating, resting, and working out. So we focus on the most exciting parts to highlight their lives and the work they put into their creations – their bodies.

Is there a message or purpose you wanted to rely with releasing this film? My message it to deliver an objective look at the growth of bodybuilding world. To show the good and the bad. To highlight all of the intriguing moments. And to make it entertaining to watch.

Did the Bodybuilders find bodybuilding, or did it find them? What I mean is did these people grow up wanting to professionally do this , or did they just happen upon it? What is there drive/motivation for doing it? Well it can be argued both ways. Truthfully, to be a great bodybuilder, you must be blessed with great genetics. But in addition to this, you have to put everything you have into this. It’s huge mental and physical pressure. So I would say it’s a combination of being born this way and dedicating your life to it.

What did you find most intriguing about filming Generation Iron 2? I love the diversity of the bodybuilding and fitness world and how all these interesting people dictate so much of their lives to this, sometimes with little reward, sometimes with a lot. I also love the competitive nature of it.

You are known in Hollywood as a triple threat from producing, writing, and directing. Is there one you like better? How do you creatively come up with the concepts for what you film? In my line of work all three often intersect. At this stage I can’t really pick one.

What can we expect in the future from you, Vlad? Right now, my focus is in creating a great sequel for Generation Iron as well as running a successful digital fitness network –

What is the one thing you want people to come away with from this film? I want them to be surprised. There is this big sport and industry in our world, and it’s mostly being ignored by the press and the media.

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