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LIVE INTERVIEW: Sheri Sanders Founder of Rock The Audition

Sheri Sanders Headshot

Sheri Sanders is the full energy, high spirits, all loving persona behind the hit program "ROCK THE AUDITION" which has helped hundreds of people become more confident with pop music and book shows in Hamilton, Waitress, and Matilda. (Just to name a few!) She has also worked with contestants on The Voice and American Idol too. Her recent Broadwaycon Facebook LIVE class reached over 15,000 LIVE VIEWERS! She is transforming the lives of her students, and making a difference as well.

Sheri has also teamed up with Theatre Nerds and Musical Theatre Wild Side to bring about change and talk about topics that no one else is talking about. She is '"going there" and opening up about how to deal with the ever changing theatre industry and the topics that really need to be discussed! In my exclusive Skype interview Sheri Sanders chats about Rock the Audition, her partnership with Theatre Nerds and work with Musical Theatre Wild Side, Broadwaycon, and her new ventures she is up to now! Be sure to keep up with Sheri by visiting her personal website, and if you're interested in bringing "ROCK THE AUDITION" to your school, conservatory, or wanting to come on as student be sure visit the ROCK THE AUDITION website too!

Check out the full interview, below!

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