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INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation With Author, Activist, and Educator Natalie Winch About Her Gro

Natalie Winch is taking the food industry by storm with her compelling new book "Ditching The Drive-Thru- HOW TO: Pass up Processed Foods, Buy Farm Fresh, and Transform Your Family's Eating Habits on a Modern Mom's Schedule." The book takes on serious topics at hand about our food industry, obesity, all while she takes you step-by-step on how to transform your eating habits and make way for a better way of eating. She has transformed her families eating habits to whole foods and farm fresh meals, instead of hitting the drive-thru on a busy school night. "It can be done!" she exclaims emphatically in my chat with her! In my exclusive chat with Natalie Winch find out about: her popular book, her advice on eating better, going farm fresh, transforming the way you and your family see food, the serious questions you should ask yourselves at the grocery store, and the NUMBER 1 thing you can do TODAY to start yourself on the right track! You can purchase "Ditching The Drive-Thru" on Amazon, request it at

any Barnes and Noble, or purchase it on your E-Readers! Also be sure to visit Natalie Winch's Food Empowerment Blog- Trad's Not Fads to stay up to date, and get tips and tricks on helping you live a BETTER LIFE!


(Natalie Winch demonstrating the "canning process" to her readers)

Natalie Winch Canning Process

(Natalie with one of the chickens from the farm she frequents)

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