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INTERVIEW: Actor & Comedian STEPHEN KRAMER GLICKMAN Talks New Major Motion Picture STORKS

Actor and comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman lands a huge role in Warner Bros.upcoming animated film, STORKS, out in theaters Sep. 2016 and expected to be the next major box office hit. Stephen takes on the villainous role of “Pigeon Toady” alongside stars Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston, and Ty Burrell. The journey of this film, a true labor of love, which took three years to complete, is a compelling story in itself and Glickman's participation singular. (Credit: Official Press Release) I chatted with Stephen about his new film, work as a TV actor, starring alongside Jennifer Aniston and other Hollywood A-Lister's, and MORE!


Where did the concept come from to create the movie "Storks? Nick Stoller said the idea for the film came from him and his wife having their two kids and he has described the film as a “Love Letter to Parenting How long did the process take to complete? I was a scratch voice (rough draft voice) on the film, so I started working on the film almost 3 years ago. I have loved every minute of it…but especially the moment I would be actually doing the role in the actual film. I was so excited! It’s such a funny movie. What do you enjoy most about playing the villain in this movie? Is this role something new for you? Well, I was kind of the villain for the first season of “Big Time Rush” and I really enjoyed it. When Gustavo got too nice, it wasn’t as much fun to play. This Villain is different because Pigeon Toady is more complex. He may seem like a “Yes Man” or in this case “Yes Bird” but really he is just a power hungry toupee wearing pigeon with a plan. He will do or say whatever it takes to rise to power on Stork Mountain.

Some pretty big Hollywood names are in this; including most notably, Jennifer Aniston. What was it like working with her? Jennifer is amazingly talented and getting to share the screen with her is mind blowing. I absolutely love what she did with her character. She is lovely. What did you enjoy most while filming? I loved making Brad Lewis (Producer), Doug Sweetland (Director) and Nick Stoller (writer/director) laugh. That was always my favorite part of my day. What is the ultimate message you want kids to take away from this movie? You decide how you define your family. Family means a lot of things to a lot of people. Stay open minded and except your world as it changes. What is coming up next for you, Stephen? This movie is the biggest thing I have EVER been a part of. Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston, Key & Peele, Kelsey Grammer are incredible in this film and getting to share the screen with them is outrageous. After the film comes out, I will be out pitching my oddball talk show “The Night Time Show” and I will be pitching the scripted sci-fi series I wrote with Jon Schnepp and Mike Black. I honestly just can’t wait for the world to see “Storks”! Where can we follow you on social media? I am @stephenglickman on all social media and you should check out my podcast “The Night Time Show” which is available for free on itunes.

STORKS opens in theatre everywhere on September 23rd! Be sure to go and see it!!

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