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INTERVIEW: ERIN WILLETT Season 2 Finalist On "THE VOICE" Talks The Show, and How "Big

Catapulted onto the national stage as a Team Blake finalist on season two of "The Voice," Erin Willett found herself in the midst of an emotional whirlwind. The day she found out she'd made it onto the show, she was also hit with the news that her father had cancer. Sadly, he passed away during the show. After "The Voice, Willett moved to LA. As she explains, "I found myself in a place where I didn't know how to make myself happy. Feeling the pressure, I thought my weight was the reason I was feeling so lost. I turned to purging to try and find happiness and finally feel good about myself."'

Being contacted by "The Biggest Loser" inspired her to change her life and take care of herself both physically and mentally. All of these experiences have inspired "Out Of The Darkness," which Willett will perform on the show Monday, January 25th, 2016."


What was it like to be on Team Blake season 2 of The Voice?!

The best ever! Blake is so personable and wants to help every artist as much as he can. He brought the top 6 on his team Takamine guitars, He had us over to his house and we ate alligator and drank beer...everything you would think when you image hanging out with Blake Shelton.

Was being on "The Voice" a blessing or lesson for you? Did all that fame and craziness of reality tv come at a time when you needed to just be left alone and deal with the passing of your father? Was that hard for you?

"The Voice" was both a blessing and a lesson! It got my mind off of something that was a very difficult time for me, but also made me realize when I am going through something personal, I need to give myself time to deal with the feelings and not just distract myself from them. At the time, I needed a support system around me and I am so grateful for the cast and crew of "The Voice" because they were always there for me. They helped me get through one of the most difficult times of my life. The hardest part was keeping a smile on my face to try and appease peoples opinions instead of just allowing myself to be human.

Do you think having "The Biggest Loser" contact you was a lifesaver? Do you think you would be here, and healthy without them?!

Wow. "The Biggest Loser" has been the biggest lifesaver. I always wanted to change my life, but I never could take that first step. I also think with "The Biggest Loser," I delved into a lot of deep emotional feelings that got me to the place I was at. I don't know if I would have known to do that if I was just trying to lose weight. "The Biggest Loser" has really made be bare it all and be vulnerable to change, because when you get brutally honest about why you do the things you do and your habits, you can be more aware of the unhealthy ones when they come up.

What is the best thing you've learned from being on "The Biggest Loser"?

I have the power to change. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. It is simple, it is up to me. If I want something to happen in my life, I have to make it happen, I have to put in the work, and I'm the one responsible. Before "The Biggest Loser," I was very stagnant. I couldn't get going, and I felt like I was waiting for permission. I was so scared to make the wrong decisions, that I didn't make any decisions....thus nothing changed.

Tonight (Monday, January 25th, 2016) on "The Biggest Loser" you are debuting your new song "Out Of The Darkness." What do you want people to take away from this song and your performance?

We all go through things. We are all human, we can lean on each other because we are all trying to just figure it out. I felt like if I could take this moment to be vulnerable and share my demons there could be a connection with people and things in their life that keep them from doing the things they want to do. It's a song straight out of my diary, and its not perfect...but life isn't perfect.

What advice do you have for someone who is struggling in the same shoes you were? Where and how can they get help?

I would say, "ask for help." It is the most vulnerable you can be, but when you surrender and wave the white flag, there will be someone that will be there to catch your fall. I would say, find a community that appeals to you. Whether that is a spin class, aerobics class, or a support group. And sometimes you might not find your community on the first try, but community builds commitment and holds you accountable and it's built-in support!

Will you be releasing any new music in the coming months? Are there any new projects in the works you can tell me about?

Yes! I am hoping to get a new EP out by the end of the year. I want to not get in my own way, and "walk the talk". I have had so much support for the new single "Out of the Darkness" and people are excited for me to release new music! Some fans have been waiting so patiently! I am so grateful! Music is my passion, but perfectionism can get in my way. I'm trying to remember what is important and share my story through my music.

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