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INTERVIEW: "Here She Is, Miss America!" 2016 Miss America Betty Cantrell Chats About Becom

What was your experience like participating in the Miss America competition? Participating in the Miss America Competition was the opportunity of a lifetime. Did you have any idea you would win, especially once you got down to the final three? Honestly, once we got down to the final three I thought it could go either way. I was up against a lot of amazing women who were all so deserving. Since being crowned what has been one of the things you are most looking forward? Since winning Miss America, I am really looking forward to making a difference by spreading word on my platform "Healthy Children, Strong America" and serving as the National Goodwill Ambassador for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The main reason for interviewing you is to talk about and shed light about your cause, Healthy Children, Strong America! Can you tell me a little bit more about this foundation and your platform for this? "Healthy Children, Strong America" focuses on changing the statistic of childhood obesity by encouraging kids to put down the electronics to go outside and play while also learning to make healthier food choices. Where can we learn more abut Healthy Children, Strong America! and also get involved with it? It is important for parents to get involved by encouraging kids to go outside and play instead of watching TV or playing on the computers. They can learn more by following me on my journey as I advocate for my cause across the country on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your dream is to perform on Broadway, have you had any offers yet now that you are Miss America? What is your dream role/show? My dream role on Broadway would be to play Elsa from the Disney film "Frozen". How do you plan to make a difference in this world as Miss America 2016? I plan to make a difference by showing the world that Miss America is relevant and real. What is the best advice you can give to young women who want to be in your shoes and where you are? The advice I would give is that anyone can be Miss America if they put in the work and believe in themselves. Finally, finish this sentence.. Betty Cantrell is….? Betty Cantrell is the same girl with or without the crown.

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