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INTERVIEW: "Here's To The Ladies Who Launch" Round(Trip) 2! A Night of LAUGHS, ENTERTA

Ashley Kate Adams and Jacquie Militano are two empowering women on the move! With two successful production companies and each a seasoned performer, they certainly have a lot under their belts. Now they are back at it again with their newest show Ladies Who Launch Round(trip) 2- a show that was created and designed for women alike. Their last show inspired many people that they decided to do it again, but this time with all women!

It is a night of many talented ladies taking the stage together to love, support, and mostly EMPOWER one another other! Make sure you check out Ladies Who Launch Round(trip) 2 before it is gone!


How did the concept originally start for "The Ladies who Launch?" JACQUIE: I was planning a re-release of season one of my first ever web series The Anonymous Lives of John and Jane, produced by my production company Q.U. Productions Co. I wanted to not only reintroduce the series and restart the buzz, as we are in post production for season two, but also network with a community of other original content creators. I started watching every web series I could find! There are so many incredible shows out there that establish their early home on the web. Great concept! Great talent! Great writing! Great videography! The list goes on. I learned so much from watching and becoming a fan. I also realized many of the series I loved were all created by women! Then I decided to reach out to these producers I aspired to grow into with my own work.

Enter Miss Ashley Kate! I became a fan of Rules of Cool and followed all their social media and events. Found Ashley Kate’s contact through a mutual friend and colleague. We met one afternoon for what we thought may be a quick coffee. We got to chatting it up! I told her about my idea to have a night to feature the women of web series. Her eyes lit up and she said, “Can I do this with you?” So excited, I replied, “I thought you’d never ask!” And now, we are dear friends and have developed a creative partnership for various events and projects. A ‘Web Series’ Series: The Ladies Who L!aunch is the debut of our collaboration! This is our second round of this event. This time around you have more people to take part in your show! How did you decide whom to choose? JACQUIE: Many of the original ladies I met similarly to how I met Ashley Kate. Some I reached out to. Some were brought to me by friends. Some were already in my network and friends of mine. ALL of which I am a fan of! Our first event was a huge success and from there more people started reaching out to us. It was a very cool feeling to have brought together all these people in a room and now to have even more want to ensure they are in the room for the next go around. I watched dozens of new series leading up to this event and we have secured an unbelievable line up! We still went with the web series comedy theme, and of course all lady creators.

But this time, we wanted a nice variety of voices. Each series has a different style of storytelling. We are thrilled! And this time we even have Kristen Acimovic and Laura Grey of IFC Comedy Crib and UCB Comedy’s Faeries and Nadia Quinn and Emily Tarver of Above A!verage Production’s Summer and Eve Explains Things and #MakeitFair on our roster! ! ASHLEY KATE: Some of the process has also seemed pretty organic. We thought this would be a great opportunity to create a platform so that our shows could also be seen. So already we knew that my show "Rules of Cool" & Jacquie's show "The Anonymous Lives of John & Jane" were going to be featured. But other than that a lot of people have been reaching out and finding us! (Which has been so cool!) One of my favorite's is "Life After Fat" and that show found it's way to us because my friend and colleague Kristen Seavey brought it to my attention. She was in the first Season and they are about to film their second. So we checked it out, it was fantastic and now the show with it's lovely female creator Julia Pugachevsky will be featured in R!ound 2! It all sounds a bit magical doesn't it? ! What are your future plans for Ladies Who Launch? ASHLEY KATE: Well we are so happy that you asked! There are always more plans : ) First step is expanding beyond the lady creators being featured. We never meant to have it only be a "girls thing" that's just who we found that were doing a lot of indie content creation for web series. So being ladies ourselves we wanted to honor that first! But our next evil idea is maybe starting a Web Content festival of sorts. If we continue doing a few of these a year that is ALOT of content. So why not give these awesome creators and producers some recognition for it! ! Can you give us a little taste of what we can expect to see in this show? JACQUIE: Well as mentioned, we have an AMAZING line up! I can’t wait for the world to see these gals! We will start with a bit of photos and press. We have our mini step and repeat selfie station for people post, post, post. #theladieswholaunch We want to start a conversation and a community, as the new generation of do-ers. Then we have our series screenings, followed by a panel Q&A with all the ladies and hosted by Ashley Kate and I. Where can we keep up with you guys, and all your projects you have coming up? ASHLEY KATE: Well we are kicking it into high-gear with my production company AKA Studio Productions! For starters we will start filming our second original web series CAPITAL ADVICE (also created by a woman Miss Emm O' Connor) this October in NYC. We also have a short "photo op" in post-production and our first feature "Beauty Mark" is in pre-production for 2016. And some very exciting news, our play "The Dodgers" will be heading out to Los Angeles for its Premiere at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood in January 2016!! To keep up with all of our excitement please follow my company AKA Studio Productions on twitter @akastudiosnyc & at on our website! You can also find me on twitter @kitkatadams & on insta: ashleykateadams. Annnd, Season 1 of Rules of Cool can be watched in it's entirety at! JACQUIE: AKA is busy!! Q.U. Productions Co. is off to an awesome start two. Season 2 of The Anonymous Lives of John and Jane will premiere this Fall. We are also planning big wrap/ release party to coincide. I have 3 other web series in development. All set to film this month. One is a throw back to a little old school sketch comedy, like The Carol Burnett Show or the Tracey Ullman Show, that is co-created with the wacky and wonderful Lauren Blanco. We also have a Broadway parody and a children’s health and wellness show partnered with Devenly Living. A lot of wheels are spinning and I couldn’t be happier! ! Check us out at! And friend, follow, like, tweet, repeat with us on Twitter and Instagram at @QUProductionsCo!


THE EVENT INFO: Q.U. Productions Co. and AKA Studio Productions presents! A "Web Series" Series: THE LADIES WHO LAUNCH - Round(trip) 2! celebrating the women of self-propelled web series comedy! Hosted by Jacquie Militano of The Anonymous Lives of John and Jane & Ashley Kate Adams of Rules of Cool! Friday September 25th, 2015 @ the PIT! 7:30pm - Press & Photos! 8:00-9:30pm - Series Screenings & Panel ! Tickets $10! FEATURING: IFC Comedy Crib & UCB's Faeries with Laura Grey & Kristen Acimovic! Above Average Productions' Summer and Eve Explains Things with Nadia Quinn & Emily Tarver! The Anonymous Lives of John and Jane with Jacquie Militano! Rules of Cool with Ashley Kate Adams, Caitlin Cooke & Lacey Jeka! Crying in Public with Courtney Case ! Riding the D with Dr. Seeds with Sarah Seed, Audrey Lorea & Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand! Life After Fat with Julia Pugachevsky! Good Crazy with Sandra Bauleo, Ilya Chaiken & Tammi Cubilette! Pair of Pears with Iliana Inocencio

(Jacquie Militano and Ashley Kate Adams)

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