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ON THE ROAD WITH: LUKE LAZZARO About The 25th Anniversary "Phantom Of The Opera" National

Luke Lazzaro has been with the 25th Anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera National Tour company since it launched in 2014. He is a talented actor who has a lot to share! Below he talks about his life on the road, growing up in Brazil, the show, backstage rituals and more!


What has been like to be apart of The Phantom of the Opera on tour?

The show just reached its one year mark, how does that feel did you guys do anything special? Phantom is a very special show - it has touched so many lives! It’s been playing on Broadway longer than any other musical in history! Not too long ago there were three touring companies of Phantom traveling across America- at the same time! Being part of this one of a kind, reimagined version is truly an honor - it’s being a part of a legacy! I’m constantly reminded of it by the audience's response, during the show and afterwards. The fact that we’ve been touring the show for over a year is surreal to me! I think constantly moving from place to place has a way of making time go by faster. Plus the show is brand new to audiences everywhere we go. We had a nice company event to celebrate the 1st year anniversary - but it was also a very busy time because the year mark meant the end of contracts and we put brand new actors into the show, including the three main leads so there was a lot of rehearsal time in addition to our performance schedule.

What has been your favorite stop on the tour so far? Ive gotten to visit a lot of cities I had never been to and I love traveling!!! Philadelphia has so much character and spending four weeks there last year, going into spring after a long harsh winter brought the city to life in a special way and it made an impression on me. I’ve also loved exploring smaller towns like Greenville, SC, Columbus, OH and Milwaukee, WI. Can you tell us what your roles are in the show, and what you do? I play the role of Slave Master in Hannibal. Its a nice feature for me. It happens early in the show and it demands powerful dancing, a bold, domineering attitude and a good deal of flirting with Carlotta :) I’m also part of the ensemble and play various smaller roles throughout the show. What are your daily routines for a 'two show day?

I have an easy yet energizing morning - sleep in and a light work out before the first show. Between shows I try to do something active to keep the energy up - take a power walk, make phone calls, bike ride (I travel with a folding bike in my trunk), more gym time, sometimes a voice coaching - anything to keep the momentum going - I find it more effective going into the second show that way.

What is a travel day like for you and the cast? Do you guys usually fly, or take a bus to your destination? Is there a favorite thing you like to do to keep busy during travel day? As a dancer how do you keep yourself so in shape, and healthy? Can you give some tips for dancers? What do you find so special about the show? What is your favorite songs/scene of the show? You were born in Brazil, did they have a lot of oppurtunites for theatre and acting whle you were growing up? What advice can you give to aspiring performers today? If you could describe the show in ONE word, what would it be and why?

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